Friday, March 14, 2014

Life and All it's pieces

So after a LONG hiatus from blogging, I think I've decided to pick it up again. Not only to I really enjoy reading blogs of fellow mothers and crafters and bakers, I think I'd love to be able to share my own adventures in these things. I also have been encouraged by my husband time and again to blog about the meals I make for my family. He called it something along the lines of "Great food for families". I don't know, haha, I can't remember. I do love it though when he tells me he's the envy of the break room. Mostly, just because he's so proud of it! I love making him happy.

I guess ultimately, my mission as a mother and a wife is to glorify God, praise him in the little things, repent often, and to make our home a safe haven. I want my kiddos to know Jesus and see His love played out through my husband and I. And when I mess up, because I'm a sinner and I will, and I yell and say mean things, that I would be quick to repent and that they'd know that Jesus stays the same, even when mommy doesn't. I want to make my family meals that are delicious and include minimal to no processed boxed ingredients ( I still currently use white flour and refined sugars), I am cleaning with Norwex products to drastically reduce the chemicals brought into our home, I want to medicate with natural things like essential oils instead of pills, and trying reuse things in my house or make them myself as much as time allows. These are things I'm excited about and I'm happy to share. Most are relatively new to me and I am still navigating the waters. But I will get to share my success or failures in these things. However, like all things, we all have the areas we feel are worthy of your time. When I write about these things, they are what our household has decided to do. I cannot make anyone else follow these standards. And I'm positive other homes have standards that I don't want to follow. Like going out everyday. I hate going out everyday. I prefer my jammies, my couch, and my kiddos over crowded places anyway!! (that's the introvert talking) Honestly, most of my time is spent watching movies with my kids and trying to navigate the waters of pre-schooling my eldest in a more "free" manner with exploration and conversation rather than work books. We'll see how that goes. I was a self proclaimed nerd who liked completing the "work book", but most of that information hasn't stuck with me. So in efforts to create a life long love of learning, I'm trying to un-school them. One semester down... I'm sure I'll rant about this often too!!

So the purpose of this is that I want to be able to share real life. I'm not afraid of messy. Messy homes, messy kids, messy relationships.... life is far from the pictures in the magazines and I have no aspirations to be that. In fact, I don't even want anyone to read this and start comparisons. It's not about whether I do it better or whether you do it better. This is just an outlet for me, an opportunity to share, and if you glean something good from it, then I'm happy! If you have something that's encouraging, please post. If you have a question, please post. If you want to say I'm crazy and I'm ruining my kids and how could I do this to them and there is nothing wrong with MSG, I'm sure there are other bloggers who would like to hear about it.
And hopefully, future posts will be a lot more coherent.

Excited to share.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Entertainment outside starbucks pikes place. First starbucks ever. Gotta love pikes place!